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Friday is here.   Hope you didn't get fooled too much yesterday. I got the new PC Magazine and I have been checking out the many sites listed on their 100 Best Undiscovered Web Sites.   Spent  way too much time on the site reviews.  Here are the sites that I really liked:

  • - Interesting interface, must say that I do not always agree with the relative size of the artists, guess I'm too much of an independant.
  • - Was really fun to rate a bunch of movies, found a few that I will need to see soon.  However, my "movie soulmates" are all from Spain; What does that mean?
  • - Great trailers and content, even though I have not been a watcher of the channel, I really liked the site.

Mark Hazleton | Tuesday, August 17, 2010 2:10 AM

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