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Soft launch of Web Project Mechanics on Codeplex

I have started a soft launch of Web Project Mechanics (WPM) on Codeplex.  I am taking the web content management system that I have used for many clients and turning it into a project, then I will evolve it into a product.  Right now, the source is a collection of requirments from many clients and projects.  I have been able to unify most of my clients onto the current version of the tool.  At this time there are over 100 sites runing WPM.  While not a fully-fleged product, the code base is over 4 years old and has been reworked numerous times.  The big challange now is to create a product from many successful projects.  

Project Description

Web Project Mechanics is a Dot.Net based Web Content Management system developed written in VB.Net using an access database. It is developed using

This project came about after I created many website for various companies and individuals. The goal was a system that would allow me to quickly create a website, and maintain it over time without have to touch the file system.

I approached this project as a tool to create HTML pages from a database. I used templates as a way to separate content and presentation. I wanted to be able to swap skins of a site very quickly. My goal was to create a site that I could hand over to a non-technical user to maintain.

This application is currently being used by over 100 web sites.

The application is currently being modified to be more of a packaged product. A formal release plan and product road map is currently under development.

If you would like to participate, please contact


Mark Hazleton | Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:49 PM

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